Policies for JoyMoves' Pilates & Barre Classes

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • To pre-register or just “walk-in?” It is not necessary to pre-register for a Pilates group class at JoyMoves. You may simply "walk-in." Of course, others may have pre-registered for all of the slots. That’s why we recommend checking online to see how many slots are available and pre-registering using the WebScheduler. If you do choose to “walk-in,” you’ll need to register with the front desk immediately upon arrival. The one exception to this is the 7:30am classes. There must be at least 1 person pre-registered by 10pm the night before or the class will be canceled.
  • About Registering Online. You may pre-register for our Pilates group classes online (and manage your entire account online –24 x 7!) using our WebScheduler. You may pre-register online up to 20 minutes prior to when a class starts. However, you must have pre-paid classes on account to pre-register. You can buy class-passes and memberships online via the WebScheduler.
  • Cancelling a class you've reserved a spot in.
    * You may cancel a pre-registration so long as it’s more than 12-hours from the class start time. You may cancel either using the WebScheduler or if it is during our business hours you may call us. Please do not leave after hours messages regarding cancellations.
    * From 12 hours to 1 hour before the class is scheduled to start, you may purchase a $10 Late Class Cancel option online from the Retail Screen of the WebScheduler. You must then call us so that we can manually remove you from the class and reinstate a class pass to your account for your future use. If we are not called, you will forfeit your class pass, although we will, in that event, refund your $10 Late Class Cancel fee.
    * If you call within 1 hour of a class start time and request to cancel, or simply do not show up for a class that you’ve pre-registered for – we’re sorry but you will forfeit a single class pass.
  • When to arrive. We recommend arriving 5 to 10 minutes before a scheduled class start time. If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of the class start time, the spot you've reserved (and the class pass used for it) will be forfeited. Walk-in students are allowed into the class to fill available spots 5 minutes after the scheduled class start time. No one is allowed in 5 minutes after a class starts.

Arrival time for first-timers. We strongly recommend you arrive 10 minutes before your first class. In any event, first-timers are not allowed into class after it has started. You can save time by filling out the "New Client Forms":/pricing/registration-forms in advance.

The Wait List Feature on the WebScheduler. When all the spots in a class have been reserved by others via the WebScheduler, you can put yourself on the Wait List. If someone who has preregistered for a spot decides to early cancel, the first client on the waitlist will be added to the class. The wait list client will receive an email indicating she or he has been added to the class. Also a JoyMoves front desk staff will call to confirm if the spot is still wanted. If you're on the Wait List, there's a good chance you'll be slotted in.

All Class Pass Types have Expiration Dates. It is your responsibility to know the expiration dates of the class packages, bonus classes, and promotional offers. Your expiration dates are listed in your account information in the WebScheduler. The Pilates Pricing page contains general expiration information on our classes and packages.

Class passes are non-refundable.

Class pass pricing is subject to change.

Policies for Pilates Sessions

The following policies apply for the purchasing and taking of Private Pilates sessions at JoyMoves:

  • Private Pilates sessions are not refundable – they are considered pre-payments.
  • All Private Pilates session purchases have expiration dates and any unused sessions at the end of the expiration period are forfeited.
  • Private Pilates sessions may be rescheduled only if these two conditions are met:
    * There is trainer availability within the remainder of the period before expiration.
    * If the reschedule request has been discussed and agreed to over the phone (or face-to-face) with JoyMoves’ personnel by 11AM the day prior to a scheduled session.
    * Absent both of these conditions being met, clients will be charged for Private Pilates sessions missed.
  • Private Pilates sessions are a maximum of 55 minutes long. If a client is late, the session will still need to end on time.
  • Clients may not transfer or share Private Pilates sessions with others.