our booty barre® classes

Our specialized ballet barre based program is a natural complement to our Pilates services. These dynamic classes help aid in the development of a lean, dancer-like body. You will work your arms, abs, legs and of course your booty. It is a full body workout. Choreographed to music, our barre classes apply toning, cardiovascular, and flexibility enhancing components. All of our barre instructors are certified Pilates instructors, adding expertise and functional movement to each class. We limit our class sizes to 6 people, less than half of what other studios allow, as we are committed to personalized attention and maintaining the safety and effectiveness of each session for our clients.

Developed by Master Pilates instructor Tracey Mallett, Booty Barre® is a ballet barre-based program which applies the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga with dance, helping to strengthen and sculpt the body. Unlike other barre programs, The Booty Barre® does not rely primarily on isometric muscle contractions, but instead incorporates more functional movement. Booty Barre® utilizes fluid and full ranges of motion, which helps prevent injuries as it more closely mimics how we move in real life. Burn fat, tone the entire body, and as the name implies, The Booty Barre® works on creating a tighter, higher behind.

Booty Barre® incorporates mat work and small accessories including hand weights, playground balls, and therapy bands.